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What's up world,


My name is Teddy Rux. How can I keep this short? As a kid I always knew I was a performer. I grew up in Chicago and was a huge fan of Michael Jackson, he inspired me to start entertaining and crafting my art. When I was 12, I moved to Atlanta and discovered Midwest rap artists such as Twista, BTNH, and of course Tupac. Despite my love for rap, I never wanted to limit myself as just a rapper. I wanted to be an all around entertainer.


I started my career performing for anyone who would give me a mic. I began hosting parties and dancing. As my name and reputation grew, I gravitated to DJ'ing mostly because I love how much control I have over the amount of fun a crowd can have. I've performed in Atlanta at venues such as Havana nightclub, Tongue & Groove and many more. Performance is my passion, and I want to leave a legacy as one of the greatest entertainers to ever live.




-Teddy Rux The Entertainment Emperor.

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