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Many around town know Teddy Rux from his audience interactive song "Snapchat" due to his famous line, "Show me something on my Snapchat...I ain't gonna screen-shot it." In return, the crowd eagerly responding with, "I will!"


 His love from his fans, unwavering professionalism, and talent has established Teddy as one of the most sought after DJ's in and around the Kennesaw area.


If you are looking for a high energy and talented entertainer to host, perform, dance, or simply mingle around your event, Teddy Rux is the answer. He has all the equipment necessary to bring your special night to the next level.



  • All DJ equipment

  • Microphones

  • Lights

  • Decorations

  • Or anything else you may need!

Packages included on page. Please contact Management for any questions or concerns.

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