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          Teddy Rux is quickly becoming a staple in the greater Atlanta area due to his combination of gripping narratives and melodic rhythm. His impressive stage presence and dancing abilities easily command the room. After writing, recording, and filming his own music and music videos for most of his career, he performed his newly released album “The Lit Kit” in a local bar which gained him the attention of Uniscope Distribution.

          Teddy grew up in Chicago and since a child was, and remains, a huge Michael Jackson fan. He still credits Jackson as the inspiration for his start in entertaining and crafting his art. When he was 12 he moved to Atlanta and discovered Midwest rap artists such as Twista, BTNH, R. Kelly, and of course Tupac.

          Teddy started his career performing for anyone who would give him a mic. Since then he has performed in Atlanta at venues such as Havana nightclub, Tongue & Groove, and many more.

          Teddy has proved time and time again he is not limited as just a rapper, he is a writer, a dancer, a DJ, an actor, and an all-around entertainer.

Atlanta, GA

Hip-Hop, Rap


Teddy Rux - Mama & Daddy (Official)

Teddy Rux - Blow My High (Official)

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